S i a n i d a

..jerat malaikat malam..

ottobre 30, 2004

S e l i m a

i'll show you how to love Selima
half-angel woman at the border of Iban
your one and only, sleeping dictionary

cause it was her afterall, who chose you
as the moon to the darkness of this jungle
guiding your eager heart to the longhouse

so let her take your innocence into her tongue
where all the magic spells come alive
and teach you to speak
this language of the wild ones

on the side of the black river, Selima smiled,
taming all white tigers inside
and inside was just light and purity...

ottobre 29, 2004

the beauty of your dark side

ku tak'kan janji
menahan diri
terpuja rayuan sianida

(Alexandra J. Wuisan)